Non-Profit Links Related to Non-24-Hour Sleep-Wake Disorder

A list compiled by Apollia, the owner and administrator of Non24.Org and Non24.Com.

By the way, Non24.Org is not the website of a non-profit organization, but, I'm trying to avoid making Non24.Org commercial (aside from linking to Non24.Com), and advertising currently isn't allowed on Non24.Org.

Meanwhile, Non24.Com definitely isn't non-profit or non-commercial, since it allows commerce and advertising, as well as charity. However, I run Non24.Com with largely altruistic intentions, and hope that it helps both me and others, even financially.

Below, I've tried to link only to pages of non-profit organizations. (Sorry if I made any mistakes.)

I don't necessarily endorse or agree with these organizations or pages. Especially Wikipedia, since Wikipedia can be edited by anyone.

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